Practice Sessions

Puppet Jam sessions are run every two weeks and primarily consist of 2 hour practice get togethers.

Sessions are built on input from members and might include warm ups, exercises for technique, creation of short performances, show & tell and discussion.

We offer space to work with many different types of puppetry not limited to tabletop, shadow, glove, object and mouth moving puppetry.

We also offer occasional masterclasses delivered by advanced practitioners, and performance space to showcase new work.

Come Along!

If you would like to practise puppetry and collaborate with puppeteers in an informal setting then please come along to one of our sessions.

The group is member led. Content comes from those who take part, while sessions are facilitated by a group leader in order to make sure we get the most out of a meet up.

We ask that to take part puppeteers have undertaken a minimum of a foundation course covering basic principals of puppetry. Backgrounds range up to more experienced practitioners and we hope that all participants can learn a little something from one another.

We also welcome conversation with puppeteers interested in delivering masterclasses. Please also get in touch if you are a director, musician, maker, writer etc and you are interested in joining in.

We’d love to hear from you if you would like to take part!